1R305-265 A199

Application: Bus
Order No.: 1R305-265 A199
Weight: 6.75 kg
Material Of Piston: Aluminium
Remarks: 1/4-18 NPTF air inlet
Cross references
EAA: E8510
EAA Bellows No.: ET15LA-0
Firestone No.: W01-358-8510
Firestone Style: 1T15LA-0
Goodyear: 1R11-199
Goodyear Flex No.: AU 566-22-3-057
Goodyear Flex No.: 566-22-3-057
MaxPRO: RLA10036
Sifang: SRI1R240H
Vigor: 1V1199
Vigor Bellows No.: 0V1199
Vkntech: 1K8510
Vkntech Bellows No.: 1R240H
1/4-18 NPTF: max. 22 lbf ft
3/4-16 UNF: max. 50 lbf ft
1/2-13 UNC: max. 35 lbf ft
M10: max. 40 Nm
M14: max. 120 Nm
M16x1.5: max. 20 Nm
Original parts
Applications: Bus
Model: –
OE No.: –
Golden Dragon
Applications: Bus
Model: –
OE No.: –

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