1R290-195 P537

Cross references
Automann: 1DK20G-9622X
ContiTech: 9 9-9 P 537 (BK)
ContiTech Order No.: 68359
Firestone No.: AGA9622
Firestone Style: 1T15LA
Firestone No.: W01-358-9622
Firestone Style: 1T15LA(-1) or 1T15LA-0
Firestone New Style: C01-358-2003
Firestone bracket: WC1-358-3883
FleetPride: AS9622
Goodyear: 1R11-221
Goodyear Flex No.: 566-22-3-021
Primeride: AS PR9L9 9622
Triangle: AS-8537
TRP: AS96221
Original parts
Applications: Truck
Model: –
OE No.: K-303-22 (Airglide 200-1998 to 5/5/03)

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