2B325-225 RS185

Remarks: With clamp rings
Cross references
Airkraft Order No.: 113305
Airkraft Style: 2B-300
Continental ContiTech Bellows: FD 412-18
Dunlop FR: SP1025NB
Dunlop FR Bellows: 12″ x 2 NB
Dunlop UK (Pneuride) Bellows: 12″ x 2
Durable No.: 2BC-300-3C
Durable Order No.: 800150
Fabio No.: 2DC-300-3C
Fabio Order No.: 500150
Firestone Style: 12×2
Goodyear Flex No.: 578-92-3-2452
Parker Type: 12 x 2
Pega: P30.2302.F03
Pneumatis Bellows: 12″ x 2
Prime-Ride New Flex No.: 578-92-3-2452
Sopra Type: 12″ x 2
Springride Flex: 578-92-3-2452
Original parts
Applications: Trailer
Model: –
OE No.: 15863
Applications: Trailer
Model: –
OE No.: A06030616
Applications: Trailer
Model: –
OE No.: Y00001137

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